Sleeping on your (small) car in one of femkes rooftoptents


    Just take your own pillow and quilt with you wherever you go....

    Summer is about to start


    The birds are singing, the sun is shining,

    the wind is blowing through the tent, dream away

    off you go ....................., cycling and hiking.

    And don't forget the view from up top


    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Femke, a Dutch fan of the outdoors and addicted to travelling.

    Femkes rooftop tents are super easy tents for people who want to explore beautiful places quickly, easily and comfortably with any passenger car, large but also small.



    Femkes offers 4 types of hard shell tents, the MILES STARLING, HOPPER, JOYCE and our hybrid KHOSI. Recently we added our hybrid ALU KHOSI, and KHOSI FAMILY.


    My husband Tim (and partner in crime ) and I developed these rooftop tents together with the manufacturers based on our- and their experience since 2014. And, let's not forget the feedback we received from our clients. With their help we've created the perfect tent for the North European climate.


    Did we get your attention by this short intro? Great, and if so and you want to find out more, please continue reading.


    Or skip this info and jump straight to the dedicated pages per type of tent.


    How it all started

    It all started with a camping holiday in Croatia, on my favorite island of Hvar in 2012. The four of us, camping in a rather large tent, on the ground. Our neighbours had a large suitcase on the roof of their small car. With the blink of an eye, converted it into a true two-person bed. And that within a few seconds!

    The chairs and the table came out of the back of the car and they were ready. Cheers!

    The next morning, when I wanted to ask if I could have a look in their tent, they were already on their way to a new adventure.


    The camping neighbors made me think: the feeling of ultimate freedom. So simple and so fast, just park your car somewhere for a comfortable night of sleep in your own bed, a 'penthouse' on your car.


    I wanted to do something with this idea.

    Once at home the search began and it soon became clear to me that more people had discovered this way of traveling already.

    Over the recent years it has become a well known way of travelling amongst our outdoor friends and, by the looks of it, many more will follow.



    It is my ambition to be able to supply a roof tent that is 100% sustainable. That, unfortunately, is not yet feasible at this moment. The first step has been made though: the 'shell' of the tents is made of ABS. This material, unlike polyester /fiberglass, is 100% recyclable.


    We, still, simply rent a few m2 for storage and make sure there is water for a cup of coffee, glass of wine even. So don't expect a sexy showroom but more of a workshop when you visit. It is a place were we, together with you can dream about beautiful new destinations and share experiences.........who would not want that?


    We decided to work small scale since 2014 and have gradually grown, ensuring quality along the way. We simply rented a few m2 for storage where we can still install rooftoptents for persons buying a tent directly from us. Just a couple of years back we ran into storage challenges and now have a huge storage we rent for distributing throughout Europe, just one hour east of Amsterdam.

    Together with other camping enthusiasts, we dreamed, and still dream about beautiful new destinations and travel stories or experience exchange ... are your ready for it?

    So meanwhile, partly thanks to Covid, we have grown into a larger company. Not a small storage anymore but a large distribution centre who ship to over 17 dealers in Europe and a website in 3 languages.

    And,...... still just as much fun but slightly different;-)



    De tent

    I chose to limit myself to tents with a hard recyclable shell, also suitable for the smaller passenger car.

    I imported the first rooftop tent from China in 2014. This one we tested extensively, with the whole family during short holidays. Some friends have also joined us and have "slept on top" with different sized cars.

    I have discussed all feedback, comments and suggestions with the manufacturers.

    For example, the quality of the zippers has been improved, the ventilation inside the tent (open and closed) has been changed, the mosquito net has been made of a finer quality, handles may be added and many other small things have been adjusted and improved.

    All very practical things that increase comfort and quality and thus contribute to a carefree vacation.

    Of course we are now more 'bothered' by competition but that also gives us the energy to make sure we are just that little bit different, and above all better. Quality is key!

  • Reviews

    Photos and videos, from you or other femkes family members. My appologies if some are in Dutch only;-(

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    This is a review from 4x4North who travelled in Scandinavia in 2022, check out what he says;-)

    Here's what it says:


    4x4noordDAK TESTING


    Here we are at last, the vacations are over and so is the testing.

    Just before this year's big trip I got in touch with @norwegianexplorervans where I was able to borrow the very latest tent from @femkesrooftoptents, Femkes Joycee! In exchange for being allowed to borrow a tent, I have now tested the tent to see if this is a tent that can be recommended for long and heavy trips, as well as for those taking short weekend trips. And I can already say that there is not much to complain about with this tent! So now, after a long trip where it has been dragged through forests and fields, mud, bush and mountains, the feedback finally comes!


    After the first night in the tent, I have to say that it met all expectations. It is quick to set up and easy to pack back up. The tent comes with a thick tempur mattress which is one of the best standard mattresses in a rooftop tent I have tested. The mattress is comfortable to lie on, even when lying on your side. There is also plenty of room to pack the tent with comforter and pillows.The fabric is opaque, which is a big plus up north with long clear nights. I have not experienced any condensation on the sheet, on the ceiling or under the mattress.


    I have used it for over 2 weeks in a row now and have only had two days of sun, otherwise it has only been a lot of rain and wind.

    The water bounces off the canvas nicely and I haven't found a drop of water inside, even when I packed the tent so softly. Every other tent I've tried has gotten damp on the inside when I pack it wet. Also, the canvas does not flap much in high winds.


    The tent also has many nice features, such as that the roof piece can be taken off completely, folded out into a larger roof or used as shown in the photos. It comes with a shoe bag, which is tight even in bad weather, so your shoes stay dry. You also get a "shelf" system that you can hang inside. The gas springs can be locked in position if there is a heavy storm or large amounts of snow, so it won't collapse in the middle of the night while you sleep.


    The shell design is aerodynamic and has little impact on fuel consumption. The tent itself is incredibly light and while driving you hardly notice it is there.


    So can I recommend the tent to anyone?

    The answer is YES!



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    Petegonecamping.com in February, brrrr

    Petronella's Winter camping adventure



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    Peren plukken in de Betuwe

    Fruit plukken in je eigen achtertuin

    Samen, in het groen, onder de appelbomen en perenbomen genieten van een leuk oogstfestival in eigen land op je dak van de auto. Een hele andere wereld.

    broken image

    Kampeerbelevenis georganiseerd door Bureau Peen, Heerhugowaard

    The sun is coming out............

    Wat een mooi weer, zelfs zo 's morgens vroeg bij het opbouwen voelden we de zon al branden. 

    broken image

    Kampeer, Fiets en wandelbeurs


    Onze eerste beurs ervaring

    Erg spannend, vermoeiend maar ook erg leerzaam. Volop positieve energie.

    broken image

    Happy huurder, mooi weer in Nederland

    Op naar een volgende vakantie...............

    broken image

    Kom (soms) naar Vrijbuiter in Zaandam

    Dan kan je even lekker op het dak komen liggen, relax!

    broken image

    Viswekker aan en lekker slapen, zie ik die dobber al bewegen?

    Met de SKADU luifel uit de wind, zon en regen. Kom maar vissie, kom maar, kom maar................ ​


    broken image

    Dachzelt Nomaden Treffen 2017

    102 autos, 180 personen, daktenten en nog meer daktenten. De sfeer, de saamhorigheid, het kampvuur en het allerbelangrijkste: geen modder vrees;-)



    broken image

    Het dak op! Bij LIV Outdoor op 26 juni '16 van 12-16 uur

    LIVoutdoor biedt alles wat kamperen nog extra leuk maakt.


    broken image

    Een frisse neus halen in Bergeijk. Kom zondag naar de Kampeerbelevenis.

    We staan naast een Soft Shell rooftop tent, een goede kans om beide concepten te vergelijken.​


    broken image

    Lees de blog van Laura de Leeuw, zij schrijft over haar eigen ervaring met deze daktent.

    Kom we gaan kamperen, leuke tips en tricks, want kamperen is het leukste dat er is. Vraag ook maar aan Laura;-)


    broken image

    Read more, this is a great review on the Skadu

    Lots of pictures and tips &tricks