• Rental

    Somewhat depending on how 2023 unfolds we will most likely just get back to renting out our Miles or Khosi's. Email us your requirements and we will see what we can offer you.

    Minimum rental period is 1 week so 7 nights.

    Enjoy the sun set

    High and dry

    Small but comfy

    And there you are......

  • Rental

    Don't forget, the small type below.....

    Rent Miles or Khosi


    Weekly rates


    Miles 120 cm

    Week (7 nights) 195 euros excl. roof racks

    • Extra weeks 175 euro
    • Bedding 25 euros (only when renting a roof tent)
    • Cleaning 15 euros
    • Assembly 55 euro

    Khosi 150 cm en Miles Starling 140 cm

    Week (7 nights) 225 euro excl. roof racks

    • Extra weeks 200 euro
    • Bedding 25 euro (only when renting a roof tent)
    • Cleaning 15 euro
    • Assembly 55 euro

    Deposit is 500 euros per rental period. And the excess per event is also 500 euros.



    Good to now:

    • Pick-up and drop-off can be confirmed via our contact page
    • Remember you have a rooftop tent on your car when you drive under a low tunnel or want to park in a garage
    • Sounds silly but you won't be the first! So before you leave, measure how high your car with roof tent is
    • And realize that as soon as you leave our warehouse, the rooftop tent is your risk and damage needs to be covered by your insurance
    • If you break down and return the roof tent later than planned, we will still have to charge you for the extra nights. We can make an invoice for this which you can submit to your insurance company. Please check with your insurance before departure
    • Attention! Your reservation is only a booking when we have received 50% of the rent and deposit. The remainder of the payment must be paid before picking up the rooftent
    • Should you consider buying the rooftop tent after the rental period, please let us know and we think about a good price
    • Reservations or ordering a rooftop tent can be done via an email on the contact page
    • Rental objects, including bedding and/or rented roof racks from third parties, are not insured through the rental company (femkes in this case) but are covered by the renter's own insurance (household, travel and/or car insurance)
    • This also applies to damage to objects of the renter or third parties caused by the use of rented object(s)
    • We are happy to help you assemble a rooftop tent and charge 55 euros for this. However, if assembly takes longer than one hour, we will charge extra costs at 40 euros per hour. These possible costs will be deducted from the deposit. For an average passenger car we always stay within an hour, so 'no worries'.
    • We advise you to bring a SKADU awning on your trip for extra 'living' comfort next to or behind the car. We do not rent the SKADU'S but will accommodate you. This awning costs 149,90 euro incl. 4 poles but if you rent or buy a roof tent directly from us we give you 25 euro discount and the Skadu costs 124,90 euro. The awning is then yours and can go with you on your next adventure.
    • All our transactions are subject to the general terms and conditions as provided to you on our contact page or below
    • All amounts mentioned are inclusive of VAT

    For reservations or any questions, please contact us using the Contact Form