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    Holland /Belgium


    Zoutwinningsweg 31P

    7554 RP Hengelo

    0031 (0) 74 369 0001

    email: info@dakop.nl



    Bedrijvenpark Koot

    Oud-Eemnesserweg 5N

    3741 MP Baarn

    0031 (0)35 203 1458

    email: info@daktent.nl



    Rooiseweg 22,

    5481 SJ Schijndel

    0031 (0) 73 549 2356

    email: info@dewitschijndel.nl



    Ambachtsweg 13c,

    1474 HV Oosthuizen

    0031 (0) 299 403 744

    email: info@fredkooij.nl



    Highland adventures

    Industrieweg 104

    7903 AK Hoogeveen 

    0031 528-795335

    email: info@highlandadventures.nl




    Braillestraat 17

    2691HX ’s-Gravenzande

    0031 651206142




    Kazerneweg 2,
    9770 Kruishoutem,

    00 32 474 70 34 97

    email: daktent@rooftoptravel.be



    Mark van Dijk Yachting en Outdoor
    Bredabaan 31/2
    2990 Wuustwezel, België
    0032 (0)477 788 663
    email: info@autodaktenten.be
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    Germany / Italy


    Herr Tom Aalders

    Gescher Dyk 17

    48703 Stadtlohn, Duitsland

    0049 (0) 1511 227 07294

    email: info@dachzeltmieten.com



    Herr René Arndt

    Pillnitzer Landstrasse 98a

    01326 Dresden

    0049 172 3040004

    email: info@freiheitaufraedern.de



    Herr Markus Tagscherer

    Münchenerstrasse 22

    85391 Allershausen

    0049 151 41266277

    email: info@mtsports.de



    Herr Rüdiger Künstle

    Uhlbergstraße 28

    70794 Filderstadt – Plattenhardt


    0049 711/23093190

    email: office@ruedis-dachzeltshop.de



    Elsa-Brandström- Strasse 2

    87218 Gerbrunn

    0049 9316639 8254

    email: info@miete-dein-dachzelt.de



    Herr Lukas Bugaj

    Friedhofstrasse 8

    35649 Bischoffen

    0049 177/6317721

    email: L.Bugaj@wancooadventure.com


    Outdoor Kevin

    Herr Kevin Jaensch
    Schulstrasse 2
    24866 Busdorf

    0049 172 9711357

    email: kevin@outdoor-kevin.de



    Fa. Huckepack, Ole SinningFeldlinie 11,

    26160 Bad Zwischenahn (Kayhauserfeld)

    0049 (0) 4403 – 6295655

    email: mail@huckepack.net



    Franchi Alessia & Massimiliano
    Via Fondo Val Tiepido, 85
    41053 loc. Torre Maina Maranello (MO)

    P.Iva 04007400361

    0536 983582

    email: labiellaadventure4x4@gmail.com



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    England / Switzerland / Norway Sweden and Austria


    Unit 8
    Littlemeads Business Centre
    Tangmere Road, Chichester
    West Sussex
    PO20 2EU Engeland
    0044 (0) 7791 948880
    email: info@rooftentutopia.com



    Bell Yard 7

    London WC2A- 2JR

    0044 (0) 20 3576 0569

    email: info@outdoorroadie.co.uk

    (read inteview below)



    Jan Frenningsmoen
    Operagata 33
    0194 Oslo
    email: allan@norwegianexplorervans.no



    Markus Keppert
    Försterstraße 4
    4614 Marchtrenk
    0043 0664 / 2264064
    email: office@easycamping.at



    Tom Strahm
    Schachenstrasse 24
    3436 Zollbrück

    00 76 430 14 00

    email: simi@storm72.ch


    Christer Jönsson

    Nyebro Industriväg 3

    314 96 Torup

    +46 708 763161

    email: info@taltfritid.se




  • Meet one of our dealers

    more to come:

    Outdoor Roadie


    Dear reader,

    we would like to share some information with you about our dealers and their companies. The companies who have helped us grow since we started in 2016 when we first introduced our hard-shell rooftop tents on the Dutch market and soon after, all over Europe.

    Who are these companies and what drives them to sell Femkes, that is the question.


    Starting with the company who only joined us recently but who are very eager to start selling our products to customers throughout the United Kingdom.

    Introducing Gary and his team from Outdoor Roadie only approached us about a year ago with his plans, we got talking, had a ‘click’ and here we are.

    We are very much looking forward to our collaboration.


    Who are Outdoor Roadie?


    Outdoor Roadie is an online retailer serving the outdoor camping community in the United Kingdom. Their commitment towards quality and relationships forms the bedrock of their brand.

    Above all Outdoor Roadie prioritise their relationships with their customers by providing a real helping hand for outdoor gear that helps those reconnect with nature.

    Additionally, they care about our relationships with their featured brands, of which we are one, and source only the best brands to provide their customers with quality over quantity.

    Which of course is spot on!


    What inspired you to create Outdoor Roadie?


    Gary, the founder, believes everyone needs the right amount of time & space to find clarity and rebuild their passion through travel & nature.


    He started Outdoor Roadie because he finally understood the value of getting away from the day-to-day grind and that was especially true during the pandemic. He believes that we should all appreciate the beautiful nature around us, which we should try and protect it at all costs.


    He experienced first-hand how amazing it is for your physical wellbeing and your mental health. That’s why he packed everything up from the corporate world and embarked on this entrepreneurial journey to make a small difference in the world.


    Outdoor Roadie is a small business in the UK so they are living and breathing through all the ups and downs of it, but they are here to stay.

    And we are there to help Outdoor Roadie grow by supporting him with good quality products from femkes.


    What are your hopes for the future with Outdoor Roadie?


    Gary told us he does not want to grow to become the biggest brand in the outdoor camping community but the most trusted brand in the outdoor camping community.

    If Gary’s team can really focus on continually serving their customers and if they can create a community by being truly helpful at every stage of a person's camping journey then they believe they will be in the perfect place.

    They want to show up every day and provide their expertise, a helping hand and build real connections whether it's with their customers or thier favourite brands.


    Please feel free to check out Gary’s website: https://outdoorroadie.co.uk/collections/femkes-rooftop-tents



    Van Dijk Outdoor & Recreatie BV

    Femkes dealer from the start.


    Let us first introduce ourselves.

    Mark & Felicia van Dijk and our son Ruben are entrepreneurs but more importantly, roof tent campers at heart.

    For over 35 years Mark has been active in the sale of recreational products in all facets.

    Together we run our company in Wuustwezel, Belgium (at the Dutch border near Breda) with a 400m2 showroom. Here we have 10 brands of rooftop tents in all variations offered on the market.

    Our selection of suppliers is determined by quality, reliability, enthusiasm and models offered by the brand.

    Femkes has been one of our selected suppliers of hardcover roof tents since the beginning.

    The specialization of Femkes results for us in good sales and satisfied customers.


    The future looks bright! After Corona many former campers have rediscovered camping and have experienced the new trend of rooftop tent camping as very positive. The popularity growth continues. More and more campers experience the advantages, experience and convenience of a car roof tent compared to traditional ground tent camping, for example. And no matter how the world may develop, the need for vacations and thus camping will always remain or become stronger.


    We would like to invite everyone to visit our website or our showroom in Wuustwezel.


    See you soon!


    Mark, Felicia & Ruben van Dijk

    Van Dijk Outdoor& Recreation BV




  • For sale in UK, check out RooftentUtopia for more information

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