• 2nd hand or used tents, only available in Holland

    ex-rental, show tents or samples, used by us to keep on innovating

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    Miles on Top, grijs

    Show model for trade shows, has only been on our van, has not been slept in

    From 2,149 for:

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    Hopper Classic, grey

    This tent has been used by us on 2 outdoor shows in 2022. It has been on the roof of our van for 9 month's so it needs a good cleaning on the outside. Tent is in tip top shape. From 1.999 for:

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    JoyCee, demo tent

    This tent has been on display at the 2023 Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht, never slept in. Includes 3 bags, mattress and ladder, 3d mesh. Excluding the side-wings

    From 2.650 for:

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    Khosi 150 ABS

    This tent is complete but has small wear spots caused by a (too) long zipper on the inside of the tent. These spots are under the awning so there is no danger of leakage. The lid has a small dent.

    Complete with bags, awnings, 3d mesh and ladder.

    From 2.999 for:

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    JoyCee, sample

    This tent is our first sample and has traveled extensively with us, has signs of use but still good to take on a few adventures.

    Includes 2 bags, mattress and ladder