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    Skadu awning

    159,95 euro or

    85 euro

    Skadu is our multifunctional awning:

    • next to or behind the car
    • on you caravan or camper van
    • loose in the grass
    • on the beach
    • with or without 3-side panels
    • green or blue/grey
    • with tendon or keder
  • THE multi-functional canopy you can't live without

    Two types of Skadu, with and without 3- side panels. Plus an other choice to make, with or without tendon cord


    This super handy canopy, I call it Skadu, is multifunctional. It can extend the car, so to speak, but it can also stand perfectly well on its 2-4 own legs. Angled against the wind, set up as a roof for more shade or against the rain.

    Or how about a covered terrace next to your caravan?

    Look below for some nice pictures for inspiration.


    Skadu with 3-side panels:

    • Skadu in blue/gray or green 159.90 euros
    • Skadu has 4 poles, consisting of 3 parts of 50 cm high
    • Awning, guy lines and poles are all packed in a portable case (no pegs)
    • 3 of the 4 edges/sides are velcroed
    • The 3 side panels can be attached to this Velcro strap
    • Skadu never becomes a tent and remains a canopy :-)
    • At additional cost (27.50 euro) a tendon can be sewn on for easy attachment to caravan or motorhome

    Skadu solo:

    • Skadu in blue/gray or green 85 euros
    • This is the basic version, just the 'roof' of the Skadu
    • Awning and guy ropes are all packed in a portable case (no pegs)
    • Skadu never becomes a tent and remains a canopy:-)
    • At additional cost (27,50 euros) a tendon can be sewn on

    Skadu with tendon/keder:

    • Skadu can be equipped with a tendon so that the awning can easily be slid into a caravan rail
    • For the tendon we charge € 27,50 extra and it is made to order. Total cost of Skadu is then 187,40 euro (version with 3 side panels) or 112,50 euro (version solo).
    • Skadu fits behind the car, next to the car or can be placed loose in the garden or on the beach

    The Skadu canopy is 3.4 m long and 2.4 m wide at the widest end, tapering to about 1.9 m at the narrow end.


    Here are some pictures of the applications.

    Order online, through the webshop.


    TIP: Should you buy or rent a rooftop tent directly from us, we offer the Skadu awning for sale with a 25 euro discount.





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