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    Khosi Family

    190 cm / 3.5 persons

    3.649 euro

    Identical to the Khosi ABS or Alu-Khosi but suitable for the whole family, cozy on the roof.

    • with an ABS lid
    • aluminum base plate
    • ladder of 2.3 m
    • 3D mesh under the mattress
    • 2 bags for shoes and accessories
    • extra zippered awning with telescopic poles

    So, just in case a 140 cm mattress may not be not wide enough, the Khosi Family offers a 180 cm mattress and therefore a 180x215 cm bed, how wonderful is that?

  • Cozy family outings


    • Size hard ABS shell: 190x140x33 cm, so closed
    • Inside size: 180x215x120 cm, so opened
    • Weight: approx. 70 kg. including the mattress
    • Material box: aerodynamic ABS, waterproof
    • Material canopy: Oxford 210D with silver coating, 300% waterproof!
    • Self-supporting aluminum honeycomb floor: easy to mount on roof racks


    • The tent is equipped with mosquito net, mattress and ladder
    • Under the mattress of 4 cm is a 3D anti-condensation mat of 1 cm thick
    • The tent has a fixed awning (fly tarp) and an additional zip-on awning
    • The size of the zip-on awning is approx. 300x350 cm.
    • The separate awning extends the fixed awning (fly tarp) by zipping it on to the tent and comes with 4 telescopic poles and 6 guy lines
    • For your personal belongings we supply 2 'bags' that can be slid into a rail under the tent. Think for example of your shoes or other camping stuff
    • Hook for your lamp
    • Zippers for attaching the Winter Liner
    • The tent has a large door with an inner door made of very fine mosquito netting and two windows on either side of the tent, also with mosquito netting
    • Double mattress with cotton cover with zipper for washing
    • Storage compartment on both sides under the windows
    • Set of aluminum tubes to lock the gas spring


    • Extra Khosi storage bags, 2 pieces 59,95 euro
    • Khosi Winter Liner 315 euro
    • Khosi storage cover 55 euro
    • Telescopic ladder 2.6 m (for Khosi standard 2.3 m) 169,95 euro
    • Extra mounting kit M8 for roof, 4 pieces 59,95 euro
    • Anti-theft kit M8, 4 pieces 55 euro


    For fun: 

    • Because the tent is hidden under a canopy (fly tarp) the roof window can always be opened for ventilation
    • This fly tarp can also be fully removed or rolled up through a zipper under the lid. Looking at the stars in a warm place;-)
    • The Khosi opens next to the car, so you sleep crosswise on the roof of the car. This way you create a large bed but the hard shell stays small
    • At the front of the tent the awning can be opened or closed (connected to bottomplate with velcro), we call this the wind/winter versus sun/summer position, download the instructions below
    • Recommended maximum speed with a roof tent on the car is 120 km/hr
    • Roof racks: static weight up to 300 kg. Dynamic weight max. 80 kg. Static roof load (stationary, while using roof tent) is maximum three to four times the dynamic roof load
    • For more information on roof loads, in German but super thorough, please visit http://dachzeltnomaden.com/2017/11/20/dachzelte-und-die-zulaessige-dachlast/t/

    Want to get out there early in the year or camp in Fall? Then consider the Winter Liner, the temperature will soon be 5-8 degrees C warmer inside the tent.

    Good to know:

    Assembly of a rooftop tent costs 75 euros. If assembly takes longer than one hour we will charge additional hours at 40 euros per hour.


    For those who want even more shade we have a Skadu awning. This awning costs 159.90 euros including 4 poles and guy ropes. But if you buy or rent a rooftop tent..... In that case we give 25 euro discount and the Skadu costs 134,90 euro.


    Roof tents also need maintenance so our advice: regularly put the lid in 303 Aerospace Protectant, a spray that protects against UV radiation. And keep the screws and bolts clean with WD40.


    All our transactions are subject to the general terms and conditions as made available to you.

    All amounts listed include VAT.


    Do you have any questions? Contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you.



  • user manual for the full Khosi family

    download here



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    All the Khosi's in a row, gives a good comparison 

    Perhaps good to know, Khosi Ruff is a tent that we make to order and therefore do not always have in stock.